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A Quick Personal Update

As of late, I feel like I’ve been off my ‘game’. In fact, I haven’t felt like myself at all. I haven’t been able to write. I haven’t been able to read or comment on anyone else’s blogs. I haven’t been able to pay attention. I haven’t been able to focus. I’ve been so preoccupied with the whole job/work situation. I’ve been busy thinking, and deliberating, over what (if any) kind of “options” I may (or may not) have to rectify my current position.

I am stuck in some sort of self-absorbed, over analyzing, stress induced, plotting, planning, dreaming of brighter days, resentful, and I am just plain beaten down.

Last night after having yet another allergic reaction, I am home from work today. The day after an allergic reaction makes it impossible for me drive or function, especially with a Benadryl hangover.

Hopefully, while laying here in bed, I will find my way back out into blogville. I just know whenever I am feeling like this, there will be blogs to read that will make me laugh & cheer me right up.

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  • Meleah

    At first I felt really guilty for calling out if work. But then I looked at my last paycheck stub, and I almost feel justified. I’d rather not take the chance of crashing my vehicle for a little over $13,000.00 (Year To Date).

  • Lee

    Meleah: I hope you get back to some semblance of “normal” soon…whatever that is. It seems you’re not the only one in the blogosphere in a severe case of the funks. It seems like almost every blog I’ve read lately talks about being at some level of funkdom. Let’s hope the epidemic is over soon.

  • Jen


    Give yourself some time sweetie. Things will turn around. I was in a huge slump rencently and I couldn’t concentrate on anything at work, couldn’t clean, couldn’t work on my photos or blog.

    So, as lee said, it’s not just you. It must be something in the air….

    Sorry about another allergy issue…I’m sure the fun of that is up there with me fainting from anxiety on a dirty bathroom floor! YAY!

    Check your email…I’ll entertain you with my drama going on in a minute…..


  • Good Lord… don’t feel guilty… you have a Benadryl hangover.
    Just relax and ride it out… tomorrow is another day…
    feel better soon 🙂

  • Feel better soon. I wish you peace.

  • UGH! Another reaction…Just that in itself, aside from all the other stuff, is enough. I do MISS YOU though!! I posted my last post on cre8buzz, on the Anthill. You can at least catch up there 🙂 I’m leaving for FL tomorrow afternoon for my brother-in-laws- wedding. We’ll be back Sunday. WTF is up with Blogger????

  • Just “be” right now. Don’t do anything. That is when great things happen. Good for you for taking time out when you need it.


  • cmk

    We ALL need ‘me’ days–yours just happened to come with a ‘hangover.’ Try to enjoy the day, if you can. Be well, my dear.

  • hey girlfriend, just take it easy and take care of you. i have days i want to run away, but gas is just too high, so i go walking. feel better

  • these are the days that soap operas were made for. and game shows. let your brain just go…

  • Sound like you need a day or two at home … and off line 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • Meleah

    Thanks everyone. I really tried to get online today and visit your blogs to take my mind off things, however, I couldn’t even check my emails, or return any phone calls. I don’t know what is happening to me, or what is up with me. I dont even have the energy to finish this comment. Maybe I am coming down with something more than an emotional funk. Maybe I am getting sick again.

    *crawling back to bed, hoping tomorrow will make for a better day*

  • Meleah, Speacking from experience, the whole mental cycling thing drains you on every level – physical and emotional included. Do whatever you have to do to stop your mind from spinning. The most important thing is that you allow yourself mental space – you know what I mean? …that and physical rest. Then, after awhile, you can start to solve the problems.

    My gosh I sound preachy! Sorry about that. Its just that I’ve felt like your feeling, and that’s what worked for me.

    In the meantime, though you’re always sorely missed, don’t worry about Blogville. It/we will be right here when you’re ready to return full steam ahead.xoxo

  • just relax honey.. “rome was not built in a day”.. it will grow on you,, or you will grow out of it.. life is too short to worry yourself into a frenzy…..

  • Tiffany

    feel better or else im gonna have to throw YOU a pity party!!!!! LOL

  • Take a little break, get refreshed and then you’ll be fine. Just get some ‘me’ time for yourself. We’ll all be here when you’re ready to come back.

  • I’m sorry you’re preoccupied and under the weather. I completely know what you’re going through. Hang in there and wallow in thought about possibilities. Thought is key. I know I would have gone crazy (still would) without my thought time. And you’re not missing anything at all with my blog, poor neglected thing. UGH.

  • the best friend

    Hope you’re better. It really does suck to have constant medical problems. I wish you were healthier. Im thinking bout ya.

  • I wish I could make things better for you. Chronic health issues are so difficult to deal with. My health issues often make me very depressed. Take as much time for yourself as you can. Thinking of you.

  • Meleah

    I just feel completely defeated.

  • CBG

    BABE You’ll be fine just give it a few days. You where pretty sick the other day you’ll get back to feeling better.

  • Just checking in on ya!

  • Don’t look at me.

    I don’t need that kind of f*cking pressure.

  • Everyone finds themselves in some variation of what you’re going through right now. Don’t feel bad about it. Feel better soon!

  • Well you better hang in there and start smiling again REAL soon!!!

  • Gosh, it happens to all of us so don’t feel bad!!

    I learned early on that when you have real life stress, blogging seems very lame haha. Sometimes lame is a nice distraction, though. 🙂

  • Meleah

    Thanks everyone. Im starting to feel a teeny tiny little better. I plan on returning all my phone calls and emails shortly, and I will venture back out into blogville hopefully by tomorrow.

  • Sometimes you just need what most people call a ‘mental health day.’ I think that is where you are at. You realize that your own life is more important than a paycheck. You sound like me looking at that year to date and then justifying the day off.

    Some employers make you feel bad for taking a sick day. I tell the people at the job that if it is in the handbook then they shouldn’t question you taking the day. It doesn’t mention anything about bringing in a doctors note. So eff them.

  • no worries. take your time. enjoy life off the computer.

  • Feel better and take time to get back into things. the words will come back. the stress of the job change is taking you out of the blogging game but it won’t keep you there for long.

  • I was getting worried about you, glad you wrote to update us. Life sucks.

    But luckily – it doesn’t suck ALL the time and this time will get better. I’ve been in a pit too 🙁

  • Everything’s gonna be okay, honey. xoxo

  • Meleah

    Alright everyone. I have GOOD NEWS.

    I think? I am at the end of my downward spiral into the abyss of depression.

    Since I no longer have any Internet Access AT ALL at my desk, its been extremely difficult to sneak in any blogging…and I’ve done nothing but cry all night when I get home from work.

    But tonight? I’ve spent the entire evening enjoying some MUCH needed family time. AND, I had a MUCH better day back at work today …

    I am finally ready to come back to the NET. FULL FORCE. (tomorrow night after I get out of the office).

    I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for your patience with my absence, and for all of your support.

    I haven’t been a good blogger lately, and I know blogging is one thing I can count one because teh sheer act of communicating with all of you has ALWAYS made my dark days – brighter. Blogging and your friendships are the last and ONLY thing I have on my life, that I do just for me.

    I am really looking forward to catching up with my beloved virtual friendships that have been ever so neglected for far too long.

    xxoo xxoo xxxooo


  • Love you bunches honey 🙂 I sent you a preview of my super secret project to cheer you up. For Your Eyes Only. Love you. Love you. Love you.

  • Meleah


  • everybody and I do mean everybody goes through these times. You got to “FIGHT” the urges to let yourself be “beat down” girl!

  • Meleah

    i just hope I dont have to go through THAT again…for a while

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