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A Letter To An Editor

Please stop taking aerial or windblown photos of Taylor Dane.

These are not flattering images.


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  • actually, this frightens me into *not* buying her music…

  • The best friend


  • Meleah I hope you don’t mind but I tagged you with the book meme.. optional of course đŸ™‚

  • The 80’s called…they want Taylor back.

  • That’s a very scary picture!! She looks like that Lion Lady who’s had WAY to much plastic surgery……creepy!

  • Taking pictures of her like that is like taking them of me when I first wakeup in the morning..now that’s frightening…:))))

  • Someone got crazy with Photoshop.

  • cmk


  • Yikes!

  • Lis

    She looked so… airbrushed.

  • ps I tagged you no more goofing off….:)))

  • I remember her. Long time no see.

  • GrrlBeingStalkedByCrazies

    WORD! Hope your vacation was grand, grrl.


  • She’s still alive?

  • lol…you’re right, that is not flattering! I do love her voice tho & glad she’s making a comeback. I think she needs to lose the wind machine tho.

  • Mufasa!?

  • My guess is that they had her hang upside down, took the picture, then turned it righ side up. She looks a little stretched out!

  • Meleah

    Oh My God! All these comments are so funny.


    Yes Robert & Dawn, I accept and will play the TAG/MEMES with the two of you! xxoo

  • What ever happened to Taylor Dayne anyway? She’s hot with soul.

  • Hahaha!

  • OMG! That’s so funny!!!!

  • Meleah

    He he he….

    Thanks for all your HILARIOUS comments!

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