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A Joke And Blog Pimping.

1st: The Joke

Because I could really use a good laugh AFTER THIS happened. Joke comes compliments of my male BFF= Danny.


Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who’s not a creep,
One who’s handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who’ll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he’s gainfully employed,
When I spend his cash, won’t be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door.
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who’ll make love to my mind,
Knows what to answer to ‘how big is my behind?’
I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And always be my very best friend.

* And Just To Be FAIR…

I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a bar on a golf course, and loves to send me fishing and drinking. This doesn’t rhyme and I don’t give a shit.


And now, moving along to Another Blog that ya’ll should take the time to check out.

Having met this person [in ‘real life’] I can honestly say I am proud to share with you some solid, true, hard-core, exceptional talent. If you are anything like me, and you can truly appreciate just how difficult it is the ‘capture the moment’ with such an artistic flare, and in a flattering manner CLICK HERE. I am dying to have my own ‘photo-shoot’ one day with Jen Weaver!

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  • CBG

    I did send this e-mail to Meleah via e-mail. I think the Women’s Poem is absolutly what every women deserves from a man . However as far as the Mans Poem……..I’ll take ‘A’ FIFTH…. I mean ‘THE’ FIFTH !! I mean ..Shit forget it…LOL

  • Meleah

    Aw. Well Thanks Danny (CBG) That poem put me in a MUCH better mood!

  • Great poem for the woman. LOL

    I don’t care for the golf course too much but everything else is right on the money.

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha

  • > ‘how big is my behind?’

    The question that freezes to 1/2 Kelvin the most rough & tenured man spine out there. The immediate show stopper. What to reply? *WHAT* to reply?; can you feel the tension? the anguish? the sheer terror on the consequences of blurting out the wrong answer regardless of which it may be?

    But… there is indeed the perfect answer, the single one that won’t get a man into trouble, field proven and tested. Works *every* time and immediately grants the savvy man who resorts to it the status denoted in the woman’s poem.

    I’m not telling 🙂

  • Meleah,

    Did I tell you how sweet you are? Well if not – “You’re the sweetest!” I so so so so appreciate you posting a link to my blog and the kind words you said about my work.

    You just let me know when you want your official “Meleah extraordinaire” Session with me and I’m there!

    I’m bought my “official” studio lights online last night so maybe you’ll be one of my first official test subjects with the fancy new lights.

    Thanks again and have a great day!! 🙂


  • Meleah

    The answer to the question “does my ass look fat”
    is a RESOUNDING “NO”.
    Its not that complicated.

    Grrl…you rock! And, hell yes! I would love to take you up on that offer!!

  • LOL! Those poems are HIL-ARIOUS!!!

    Wow, love the photographs on Jen’s page. I’d love to have a photo shoot with her too…

  • Meleah

    Random Chick:
    I was beside myself laughing at the poems.

    Jen Weaver is so freaking talented! Send her an email!!

  • Fun blog you’ve got here…I agree with your post on Jen…she’s the queen of modern and edgy photography!

  • Meleah

    Thanks. Jen ROCKS. I feel all LUCKY to know her!!

  • Love the “prayers” so true to gender 🙂

    I will check Jen out!

  • :)))))…..pretty accurate

  • Tiffany

    i just bought these prints off her website for the boys room. http://jenweaverphotography.smugmug.com/gallery/3907308_QE5cy they are so awesome i just have to get them framed. IM SO HAPPY YOU INTRODUCED HER TO YOUR READER FRIENDS! shes so talented & truely loves what she does. she did MY first photo shoot in highschool 16-17 years ago!! and she hasn’t stopped since then. Love her! & you too!

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha
    Please go check her out. Simply Amazing!

    he he he he

    I am glad YOU introduced JEN to ME! She is crazy awesome!!

  • Hilarious poems. And Jen – what a photographer. What I wouldn’t give for an ounce of her talent!

  • Meleah

    Loved the poems too! and for real Jen is super talented

  • The poem is really funny 🙂

  • Meleah

    he he he he.
    It really really is

  • Lee

    What am I chopped liver? I don’t remember you making any offers to model for me!!

    And I’m not much into golf either… 😀

  • Meleah


    Id love for you to photograph me one day

  • i love the woman’s poem, but the man’s poem had me laughing.

  • OMG the man’s poem is HILARIOUS. Where do you get this stuff? Okay, gotta check out the link. And you know what happens when I do that. I get lost. It may take days to get back.

  • Those poems are hilarious!! And your friend Jen’s photography is lovely. Beautiful colors and textures. A wonderful talent to be sure!

  • Meleah

    Both killed me!

    I know…all these damn links always get you lost!
    The jokes came from my friend Danny.

    They really are CLASSIC poems and HYSTERICAL.
    Jen Weaver is one of the most talented Fo-Togs …Um…EVERT

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is sooooo funny… It sounds like you have got us guys worked out….lol! If ever I’m in the USA and our paths really cross, I must remember to stay on your good side…lol! You ARE the greatest!!!!

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha

    I am glad you thought that was as funny as I did.

    PS: As a fellow ‘Fo-Tog’ you should totally check out Jen Weavers Blog!!

  • Great poems!!!! ANd Jen is so talented!! AWESOME pix!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom

    They had me laughing for days…and yeah….JEN is unbelievable.

  • Jen

    wow mealeah. somehow i never went back to this post until today. what wonderfully nice blog friends you have. Glad they all checked me out 🙂

    Thanks everyone!

  • Meleah

    My peeps are AWESOMENESS

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