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A Conversation With My 11 Year Old Son.

Me: Hey Justin, I really think this new job your father has is going to be great for him. I think it’s a perfect fit…don’t you?

JCH: Not really.

Me: Oh, come on buddy. You need to have faith in your father, and believe, or have hope, or I don’t know…something grandma would say.

JCH: Um. Really? Well, my Grandma says, ‘Life’s a bitch and then you die’ so I don’t know who you are talking about.

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  • oh dear. he’s not supposed to know that yet!

  • Sounds just like my son who is also 11, except he says : ‘Life sucks and then you die.’ Is this the start of teenage angst? If it is I don’t think I’m ready yet. I have enough angst of my own. LOL.

  • The best friend

    Thats our Justin.

  • Funny! Sort of….will try to get a post up tonight! Cracked pots and all….

  • Meleah


    I know. But he does. So much for innocence. Those days appear to be long since gone!


    Yup. Thats our boy! 🙂 ps… I really miss you. I need to see you SOON.


    Its funny…(and a little sad)


    I think you are right. Its the beginning of teenage angst. And I am NOT prepared for this! Not. Even. A. Little. He is also going to his FIRST Valentines Day school dance. YIKES.

  • HA! He’s a piece of work!Atleast he’s honest 🙂 Missed ya!!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Ive missed you soo much! Nice to see you back. I was almost ready to send out a search party.

  • LOL! your boy is a riot! LOL! And his grandma sure has some pretty good sayings there …

  • Well at least he’s learning early.

  • Meleah


    My mother keeps it real


    My son is wise beyond his years.

  • The kid’s got a point.

  • See my Post on where I was…Hell!!

  • That is great!!! And yet another example why I should spend all my time with kids under about age 14. I’m so totally living at their level. And I don’t mean height. Well, ok, there is some truth to that part too.

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    Oh my god. I just read it. THAT BLOWS. I would have died.


    He’s got a point and a bad mouth


    ha ha ha…. same level and height…hahhaha….

  • Well done JCH!
    He may be 11, but he is really wise 🙂

  • I don’t see a problem here – I would have told him the same thing….

  • Meleah


    He is a smarty


    My mom is always dishing spiritual things to me, to which I reply with *fingers in my ears* “La la la la la I cant hear you” But with my son, she tells it to him straight!

  • Well hey, if you plugged your ears at Mom, and wish she would have told it to you straight, then start trash talking straight to your son! From the sounds of things, he can take it.

    Of course, you may have to quit your job to spend most days getting called into the school guidance counselor’s office…

  • OMG… he is hilarious already! Wait til he gets a little older! LOL
    And he is absolutely right… Life’s a bitch and then you die!
    He reminds me of my daughter… never ever knew what she’d say next… but she kept me laughing 🙂

  • Meleah


    ANYTHING to get me out of my job right?


    he cracks me up. he said it so matter-of-fact at the dinner table. I laughed out loud.

  • They grow upquicker than a blink of an eye and it catches you off guard..:)

  • Like mother like son…..lol! It is good to see that the wonderful sense of humour runs in the family….lol!

    Big hugs ~ Graham 😀

  • Bwhahahaha. Sounds like a few conversations we’ve had over here in past years. My mom says that and a few other things that will go unmentioned right now…

  • I think I’m Justin’s grandma!

  • Meleah


    way too fast.


    🙂 Toad-ily


    You arent OLD enough to be his gramma!


    ha ha ha..cant wait to hear about those unmentionables.

  • HAHA! That’s awesome!! His grandma sounds pretty darn cool…

  • oh no! lol You’re son has quite the sense of humour.

  • A sharp young man!

  • Meleah


    Thanks. He is pretty cool.


    He is a handful…of laughs


    Very! Thanks!! 🙂

  • Leave it to an 11 year old to pay attention to what matters. He appears to appreciate his grandmother for her candid responses rather than the other side of her…

    It’s great for a laugh… Good luck in the teenage years.

  • Meleah


    Yes he does. He’s rather perceptive.

    He loves loves LOVES his gramma and listens to EVERY word she says….Which is handy since he doesn’t want to listen to me these days !

  • Lee

    With 11 year-olds, there isn’t anything but black and white. There are absolutely no shades of grey. So if grandma says something, that’s the way it is. My grandson turns 13 in October, and I’m way to young to have a teenage grandson!! Yikes! But with Justin’s example, grandpa’s going to be watching what he says.

  • Smart kid! 🙂

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