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525,600 Minutes

My 10 year old son invited me to watch a movie with him, a rarity these days. With the leg hair growing in thicker and fuller, the hair on his head, which IS NOT TO BE CUT and hair growing in other places, other wise know as the “itching balls,” he’s not big on hanging out with me.

I have already been yelled at this weekend, by my mother, and JCH himself, I AM NOT to walk him to the bus stop this year. I can be outside and watch him from afar, but I am NOT to go to the bus stop, or wait with him. I was kicked-off, duty, literally, when I was not allowed to tie his new shoes, while we were back to school shopping…shoe size 7(wtf!) his feet are now bigger then mine. Also, I was not allowed to pick out a shirt, or help button anything, because I was embarrassing him. As my mother ordered me to follow the commands, my son said, “Oh, Thank! You! Grandma!” Yep! It’s the beginning of the end…

Later that day while JCH was first trying out the new sneaker/roller-skates – heely’s, as he has never skated with or on anything, my mother and I were shamed by my grandfather for laughing and pointing at JCH’s flailing arms and out of control body. The only time I was allowed to talk to JCH was when he was bleeding from the skinned knee. (That will teach him to ignore his mommy!)

Needless to say I was THRILLED when he said, “Mommy, come watch the movie
RENT with me. A moment , a minute, I will rememeber forever.


Thank you to my mommy for all the back-to-school clothes and for dealing with ME through those years, my teenage years and my hellish-twenties…

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  • meleah rebeccah

    JCH favorite characters:
    MARC, because he is an artist
    RODGER, because he is a musician.

    I identified with the character MIMI the most…

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