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30 Days Of Photography | Day 9: Disguise

This is my brother, Adam, and his wife, Leah.

They’re dressed up / disguised as Redfoo and SkyBlu from the musical duos LMAFO.


Day 9 - Disguise




*Please take a look at other contestants participating by clicking here!

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  • Mariamichelle117

    They are rocking that costume!

  • Whoa! Those pants! Where did they find those pants?

  • agg79

    Ah, I see crazy runs pretty deep in casa Meleah.
    I was almost expecting another shot of your dad in on of his many stylish outfits.

  • Most definitely.

  • I have NO IDEA! But I will ask them!

  • It sure does!

    And I thought about using my father ­ but I think y’all have seen all of the photos of him in costume!

  • ladyV

    funny, even though i don’t know who LMFAO is.

  • Ahahahahah! They sing Party Rock, Val!

  • ladyV

    when they put out a jazz album, i’ll be the first in line.  hehehe

  • lolz

  • Awww! They look SO fun!

  • They really are so much fun!

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