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30 Days Of Photography | Day 7: Craftsman



* I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people.

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  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    Yay Ron! Is he doing his “Atlas” impression?

  • Man at work! What a great photo of a man at work.

  • Paula Wooters

    Whatever he’s doing, it doesn’t look like he’s having much fun. (I hope you baked him some brownies to express your appreciation for whatever it is he’s doing.)

  • Definitely a craftsman! Wonderful photo, Meleah!

  • Lucy

    Perfect shot for craftsman!

  • Is that your dad? He’s one fine-looking craftsman and looks right intelligent too.

  • A crafts man. Literally. Great pic.

  • Ron

    Every time I see a photo of your dad, I think…..”Tony Bennett!” He could be his double!

    Awesome photo, Meleah!


  • Lolz!

  • Love my daddy!

  • Ahahhahahahaha!

    He was putting up scaffolding to install a chandelier.

  • Yahooooo!

  • 🙂

  • That IS my dad!

    And he’s the best.

    And he’s HILARIOUS!

  • BOOM!

  • He’s so damn funny to me.

    Also, did I ever tell you THE Tony Bennett story?

  • Ron

    Yes…and I LOVED it!!!!!

  • Oh, good!

  • agg79

    Love seeing old Tony working around the house again.

  • What a great crafty shot of your dad/Tony! What’s he building anyway?

  • Super shot! Does your dad have his own scaffolding??? He must come in handy for getting down spiderwebs and polishing high windows!

  • Looks like he’s holding that up himself! Great shot…this would have been a fun link-up, but I was so scared I wouldn’t think of anything to fit the prompts! This is awesome!

  • If there is a Craftsman calendar, your dad would be October – what a hunk!

  • 🙂

  • Scaffolding!

  • ladyV

    good photo choice, i’ve seen a photo of him sawing a couch in half.

  • We had to rent it for the day!

  • Oh you would have done a great job!

  • Ahahahahhaahh!!

  • Ahahhahaah! I actually made that a whole movie too!

  • Well done and way to give your Dad props!

  • Booyah.

  • Perfect shot for today’s prompt.

  • Your dad’s not just the craftsman, he’s the man.

  • Dang, he’s fine! And skilled too? Damn! That’s the whole package!

  • And such a HANDSOME HOT craftsman! 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • Agreed!!

  • I will tell him you said so!

  • 🙂

  • Well, hello daddy-o!!!

  • MikeWJ

    I take back what I said about being able to take your dad in a fight. He’d kick my ass. Also, he’s a good-looking man. Not that I’m thinking about crossing over to the other team, but I can tell good looks when I see them. And so can all the women here. Nice photo, Meleah. 🙂

  • Holla Back!

  • Thank you MWJ!

  • Who knew Tony Bennett was so handy?? Your Dad can do anything – I firmly believe that!!!!

  • Right?!

  • Small Town Mommy

    My favorite handyman :).

  • Mine too!

  • oldereyes

    Nice. Love your Dad. No, not that way.

  • I love him too!

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