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30 Days Of Photography | Day 24: Carnival


So, I really HATE carnivals.

I can’t deal with all of the people, or finding a parking space, or walking in excessive heat, or waiting on lines, or looking at all of the food I can’t have.  And I certainly won’t get on any of the rides. I’m a baby with a crippling fear of heights.

So obviously, I didn’t know what the heck I was going to use for this prompt. In fact, I even considered skipping today.

But then, I discovered this board game.

And I could NOT stop laughing.

I have no idea where my mother finds these things!

This is the closest you will ever see me near a “carnival.”


Day 24 - Carnival


And yes, this is THE WORST PHOTO I’ve ever taken, probably in my whole entire life.




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  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    “I really HATE carnivals”, so, I’m guessing clowns are out too? I love how yourvmind works, and the things you and your family come up with.

  • 🙂

  • Clowns? KILL ME NOW!

  • Jackal

    ages 2-4 ? I think it may to be too advanced for you…

  • I think so too, Janine!! AHaHhAHhAHhhaha

  • Bwahahaha! Is this like the Jewish version of Chutes & Ladders? GO #TEAMLAME! GO #TEAMLAME!

  • Apparently!!

  • oldereyes

    Magical Mitvah Park … amazing. I grew up playing that. (Right)

  • No you didn’t!!

  • agg79

    Te thing about carnivals is the creepy clowns. Those guys can scare the bejesus out a person.

    Whenever I hear carnival, I have to think of the cruise line (been on one). Of course that is the same line that gave us the Costa Concordia and the Triumph….

  • The thing about carnivals is the creepy clowns ­ HELLO ­ YES!

  • This is TOO funny! A religious spin on Candyland?

    I can relate to your crippling fear of heights! I let Mark talk me into going on the SkyRide at the state fair – think ski lifts that travel across the length of the fair grounds. I was hyperventilating and sweating profusely. Never again.

  • Oy vey!! I would have died!

  • ladyV

    not the worse at all. sometimes it is what it is. that game though is quite funny. never seen a jewish board game before.

  • Me either. I died when I first saw this!

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