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30 Days Of Photography | Day 20: Nails


* I am participating in a 30-Day-Photo-Challenge along with these fine people.

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  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    LOL. I was expecting a chalkboard. (psst… did you look inside the drawers?)

  • Pat Kumicich

    I shop at Ace Hardware. It has a wonderful department with drawers filled with little stuff I use in my art. Maybe I’ll meet up you there one day.

  • Yep!

  • This is in my garage!

  • Kudos on the organization. I love compartmentalizing things and super LOVE, LOVE labels. Sick, right????

    No one is going to get a better picture on this prompt than that one.

  • Were you in my basement?

  • Labels. Organization. And compartmentalizing = MY WHOLE LIFE!
    And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • No! Just my garage. These are next to the scary stalker dude!

  • Oh my that’s far too organized for my liking. I usually just go out and buy new stuff because I can’t find the old stuff in my work room.

  • Ron

    Meleah, you totally NAILED this one!


    Awesome photo! And I love your organization skills. And yet, another “Libra trait” we share in common!



  • Well, I am totally OCD. So, yanno. Things HAVE TO BE organized.

  • Huzzzzzzzzzah!

  • Ron


  • I adore a well-organized workshop. Makes it so much easier to find what I need when I’m repairing the house.

    Nice shot, Meleah.

  • Lucy

    Now I know why things never stay up in my home. I think my husband needs to see this photo LOL I had no idea there were so many nails!!

  • That looks eerily familiar. Got it’s twin in my garage.

  • Agreed! I can’t with chaos.

  • Ahahahah! 🙂

  • Really?!! YAY!

  • Ohh!! Finnish nails!

  • Jamie Baker

    I only wish I was this organized. If I had my shop labeled right now it’d read “Box of miscellaneous crap.”

  • Not to be too nit picky, but the ‘common nail’ looks very much like screws to me 😉 reminds me of Mo’s screw and nail organization – One big, mixed up pot 😀

  • HOLLA!!!!

  • Ahahahhahahahahah!

  • shadowrun300

    Black and white was a good choice for this! There was a time when our garage was full of this stuff – but hubby became very minimalistic and cleared out everything except the basics. Your family has been proven to be very handy!

  • These have been seriously sorted. I promise you that!


  • That’s how we roll!


  • Barb

    It is amazing how many different kinds of nails there are- isn’t it?

  • Indeed!

  • ladyV

    you nailed it. wow, what a variety.

  • 😉

  • YAY!


  • MikeWJ

    Somebody is WAY more organized than me.

  • Looks like my hubby’s workbench!

  • Boom!

  • Hooray for OCD!

  • Awesome!

  • agg79

    Another nail-biting shot. Well Organized! And, for the record, I always store my Finish Nails with my Danish Nails (or at least in the Norwegian section)…

  • BAHAHhAHhAHhAHahah!

  • I am impressed by the organisation. WOW.

  • It’s just OCD

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