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How To Get Noticed, Even When You Don’t Want To.

It’s no secret that I rarely get ‘Dressed Up’. And by ‘Dressed Up’ I just mean wearing ‘Real Pants’. It’s not that I am lazy. Well maybe it’s because I’m lazy. But it’s more because I don’t see the point … Continue reading

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Gramma Ev and Cooking

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my Grandmother, Evelyn. Sadly, she passed away last year. Maybe it’s because the seasons are changing, and this will be my first Thanksgiving/Christmas without her. Or maybe, it’s just because she STILL makes me laugh. … Continue reading

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Mood Music

I haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t been feeling well. And I haven’t been eating well. But I had to get up crazy early for yet another doctors appointment. And man, did I wake up in a bad mood. I … Continue reading

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My Daddy and The Parking Space

I absolutely love my father. And, I truly love to share stories about him with you fine people. As luck would have it, I have yet another tale from the ‘Daddy Chronicles.’ First, you should know that we don’t have … Continue reading

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Another Year Closer to Forty

Yep. That’s right. Yesterday was my 37th Birthday. So happy birthday, to me. *Disclaimer* You should probably know that I was NOT going to post that video. However, I ultimately decided that I should, as per a conversation I had … Continue reading

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My Daddy and The Grocery Store – 10 Items or Less

I talk about my family a lot. Mostly because I love them and mostly because they are all sofa king crazy, you can’t help but laugh. But my father, whom I adore, is the one that provides never-ending blog fodder. … Continue reading

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