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Happy 5th Blog-o-versary, Momma Mia Mea Culpa!

  Yes people, that’s right. Five Years Ago, I wrote my very first blog-post. And quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes I still don’t know what I am doing. Blogging has had an incredible impact … Continue reading

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Woman Verses Food: Attack Of The Killer Lettuce.

When the police arrived, my throat had already swollen shut. “She’s going into Anaphylaxis shock,” the Officer radioed the paramedics while strapping a cold, plastic, oxygen mask to my face. “What did you have to eat?” He asked. But I … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Reasons I Need To Go On A Diet, Like Immediately.

  Okay, so maybe my symptoms aren’t quite as bad as that graphic…but that last sentence is most certainly true.  I knew had I to start doing something when my own mother told me I look like I am gaining … Continue reading

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Dear Common Sense,

I really miss you. More than I ever thought I would. And…quite frankly? As a nation, we need you back. Like, immediately. I remember the day you left us, as if it was yesterday. I discovered your obituary precisely on … Continue reading

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A Very Special Visit From: My Dear Friend & Fellow Blogger, Nicky!

It was 5pm on a Thursday evening, when I received the phone call I had been anxiously awaiting all day. It was my dear friend Nicky, from the blog, We Work For Cheese. She had arrived in New Jersey.  She … Continue reading

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