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Where’s My Damn Blog Post?

Oh That’s Right. It’s over HERE! I am with the wonderful ladies of Where’s My Damn Answer today. Come Join Me! (Oh, and I am NOT talking in the Third Person today!) Share This!

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Meleah’s Week In Review Via Facebook Status Update Style

Meleah does not have much too much to offer for this weeks blog post since writing her book has taken over her life. Meleah is thrilled she is getting so much done, but she is even more delighted that she … Continue reading

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Meleah Is Back To Writing Thinking And Speaking In The Third Person.

And now, Meleah’s week in review. Brought to you, ‘Facebook Status Update’ Style! Last Monday, Meleah woke up after only three hours of sleep the night before. She had a crucial doctors appointment that she could not miss. Meleah doesn’t … Continue reading

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Love Will Keep Us Together

What’s a girl to do when she has been famed the Family Paparazzi and the Family Historian and because of her totally super awesome titles she now has 675 photos (and 15 videos) from Passover/Easter that she wants to share … Continue reading

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What A Week

[And now for a very long blog post – loaded heavily with photos and videos.] Between the holidays (Passover and Easter) I was able to spend some ‘Quality Family Time’ with a few of the people I cherish the most. … Continue reading

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I need to know if I am THE ONLY ONE who thinks that Robert O’Ryan (stalker of Dancing with the Stars contestant Shawn Johnson) looks almost exactly like Mark Wahlberg circa the movie ‘Rock Star’. *That is if Mark Wahlberg … Continue reading

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On Writing…

Unfortunately, I don’t have funny or third person Status Updates for ya’ll today, as I have been consumed with working on my book. Seriously, this project is taking over my life. I finally completed Chapter Six last Friday, which you … Continue reading

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