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Now That ‘The Blog Move’ Is Over…

Blogger Who? Blogger Where? What!? Whew. I am back! And (so far) My Blog Is WORKING. Again. Yes. I know. That. Was AWFUL. I tried warning everyone. I knew there was the possibility of a blog vanishing act for 2-4 … Continue reading

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This Is Your Friendly Neighborhood Leslie

Doing a test post after the migration.  Please comment to let me know you can see the post, the header, the sidebar, and that comments are working. If all is well, I’ll add Meleah’s plug ins and such back in. … Continue reading

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Is My Blog Broken AGAIN?

No. It’s not ‘Broken’ exactly. But…Yes. There IS something wrong with my blog! Do any of you remember when THIS HAPPENED? Well, that sort of problem has resurfaced. Apparently, there is some sort of WebHost/Server fiasco that I will never … Continue reading

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Macne (pronounced: Mac-Knee) This could be a wonderful new Apple product for people experiencing sudden and humiliating bouts of iAcne. Rather then walking around in public with embarrassing red dots that are obviously swollen from picking at your face, or … Continue reading

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A Proud Parent Moment

I have posted a few of the other ‘book reports’ my son JCH has done over the years. My favorite has always been his spin on King Arthur. That is, until now. I am thoroughly, completely, and utterly impressed with … Continue reading

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My Office Goes Green?

Or is this just an effort to for my office to save money? When I received this email, I started to get a little nervous. 1. As of Monday, March 24th Styrofoam cups will no longer be available (there will … Continue reading

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Parent Teacher Conferences

I loathe going to Parent Teacher Conferences. Sorry. Not just because of this time, or this time. But, because I can not deal with fighting for a parking space, in the rain, rushing to get there on time after work, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

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Good Friends : Always Looking Out For Me.

I received a wonderful email today from one of my oldest and dearest friends who is forever concerned about my health conditions. She knows exactly what it’s like for me to try and ‘work’ from home while in the middle … Continue reading

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Household Appliance Repairs

And THIS video … Is WHY I love iMovie ‘07. So. Very. Much. Share This!

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