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Breaking Wind

(as quoted) JCH: Mom… Im sorry ME: Why? What? JCH: You’ll find out soon enough…….. Share This!

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Let me just say, its new, its fun, its all the rage and I have 6 invites… who wants in? What is POWNCE? Lis describes it best in this post. See ya over there! Share This!

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Whut?Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning? Can I get a “Hell Yeah!” or a “Zoom Zoom Zoom!” Share This!

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The Book Signing.

My night began sharply at 5:30pm, with the sweet sound of Jennifer’s car horn beeping in the parking lot of my condominium complex. I grabbed my copy of Alison Weavers book and my oversized purse. Cigarettes check, keys check, hair … Continue reading

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A Big Thank You

Going out to Oh My Word, for the super kind words and the award! (see here). Share This!

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I Love Presents

Especially when they come from my bi-coastal partner in crime. Now I have to get some sleep, (because after you leave your twenties, its impossible to function on two hours of sleep. My days of “all nighters” ended a few … Continue reading

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The Grim Reaper

Is a cat. yeah. a cat. Named Oscar. If you have ever been freaked out by cats, now you know why. Oscar, a.k.a Grim Reaper, is even in the New England Journal Of Medicine. Here’s his picture: Share This!

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Gone To New York City

But, while I am away, don’t forget to hop over to MeleVision, where Steve and I have a fabulous Harry Potter Trivia Game HERE! Have fun, Good Luck, Don’t cheat! Share This!

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One Year Old Today

This blog is ONE year old TODAY. Share This!

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its 1:23 am

(I dont care what that time stamp says , it’s wrong.) I cant sleep or type… all I can do is chain smoke cigarettes and pace around my room… there is a book signing? Ummmmmm… I need to go, I … Continue reading

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