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Heading out…. WTF? Is there an accident? C’mon…. MOVE…..pleeeeeeeeease F*CKING MOVE! NOW! okay, okay……ALMOST ALMOST…. 45 minuets just from exit 9 to exit 10… (total travel time 90 minuets)… finally, the OFF ramp… Best TOLL guy EVER (I see him … Continue reading

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MY MOTHERS WEBSITE: Hi Chillies, Grandies, Rents & Groans! Thank you very much for your patience! Our big make-over is finally complete and our store has re-opened just in time for the holidays! Surprise your favorite Chillie with something special … Continue reading

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Mondays always kick ass… UNTIL today…

I haven’t had a BAD Monday in a long time. I must have jinxed myself by liking Monday(s). Because today was a typical terrible MONDAY. Every thing that COULD go wrong. DID. I woke up late. There was no air … Continue reading

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Hungry Angry Lonely Tired …. Not to mention stressed and paranoid Resolution: Hunger = will eat a warm plate of plain mashed potatoes Anger = will punch a wall Lonely = dinner with mom and dad who are FINALLY back … Continue reading

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Long Weekend and The Break Up

I have been able to relax, sleep and even eat a few things over this long weekend. I have been formally introduced to WHOLE FOODS and organic only things. With some limited energy and a low dose of nutrients in … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving O6 with Poppa Sye

Well…I suck at making movies (for now) but, THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I EVER MADE… MANY apologies for the REALLY bad editing…Since I have no I dea “how to” edit…(yet) also, there is one “scene” when the movie was … Continue reading

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Turkey Humor

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where I spent my four day weekend

There was a MOVIE HERE but that was LOST in the BLOG MOVE This is my best friends basement (well its her live in boyfriends house / basement…and a once very scary place to be) anyway….my best friend remodeled the … Continue reading

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