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‘Surprise Blind Date Guy’, Back To School Night, And, The Jewish New Year

Okay people. I know. I’m late for my weekly blog post. Sorry. Please forgive me. That being said, it’s time for Meleah’s Week In Review.

[Warning: This blog post is quite possibly: Very Boring! But, since I have a major case of writer’s block, I am pleased just to see ANY WORDS on this paper. I’m having one of those moments where stringing together sentences, or delivering the funny – seems to be impossible for me. Maybe next week I will be able write something entertaining again!]

Now, where did we leave off last week? Oh that’s right, I had met a ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy -Who Turned Out To Be Totally Super Awesome, Otherwise Known As “Putty” From Seinfeld Only SMARTER’ / Or, Simply “Sonny” For Short.’

Monday, I went on another date with the ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy.’ And, to be absolutely honest, I was a little nervous. I mean our first two encounters were so incredibly perfect, I was positive something was bound to go horribly wrong. But, from the moment he picked me up all of my concerns vanished.

We went out for an early sushi dinner. And by early, I mean we literally ate at 6pm. Just like retired people living in Florida. When we arrived at the restaurant? We were ‘The Only Car’ in the parking lot, and ‘The Only Couple’ in the building. [Lovely.] Fortunately that kind of intimate setting provided us the perfect opportunity for some wonderful conversation. There was no loud music to shout over, and there were no customers to contend with.

Um. Have you ever dated someone and by the third date, felt as if you have known them forever? Because that’s exactly how comfortable I feel whenever I am around him. I never feel like I have to pull out the Fake Meleah, and I never feel like I have to Hide The Crazy. It’s quite the liberating experience.

The only bad thing about my date – was that it ended too soon.

On Tuesday, I spent the day reading all of your blogs and abusing Facebook. That evening, I had to attend the annual ‘Back To School Night’. I must admit I am not really a huge fan of going to these sorts of events. I tend to feel nervous and fidgety around the other mothers that clearly know what they are doing and where they are going. Nonetheless, I attended because it meant a lot to my son. I think it’s pretty awesome my thirteen year old STILL WANTS ME to be involved, and STILL WANTS ME to meet his teachers.

I’d like to present ‘Back To School Night’ in the ‘Bullet Point Format’ in the interest of keeping this blog post a semi-reasonable length.

* I arrived at ‘Back To School Night’, right on time and landed myself a sweet parking space. I was shocked to actually get a spot so close to the school entrance. I spent at least five minutes prematurely congratulating myself.

* Of course, it wasn’t until ‘Back to School Night’ was OVER that I figured out WHY everyone else was trying to score parking spaces closer to the EXIT.

[Let me share a little secret with ya’ll: The further away you park from the building? The faster you will be able to get off of the premises. You’re welcome.]

* I humiliated myself [for the first time] when I jumped three feet in the air after the school bell rang, LOUDLY, even though I knew it was coming.

* I decided my son’s school is way too big, when I got lost. Twice.

* I discovered that I do NOT like my son’s math teacher, but that is NOT just because I don’t like math.

* I humiliated myself [for the second time] and I felt REALLY BADLY when I crashed into the 40-year-old female version of ‘CHUY’ in the hallway. Unfortunately, her height [or lack thereof] made it impossible to see her, especially since I was walking, and too busy looking down at a very important piece of paper in my hand. That very important piece of paper was a map of my son’s school – because I was tired of getting lost.

* I humiliated myself [for the third time] and I should have known I was ‘Doing It Wrong’ when I ended up in a Spanish classroom, especially since my son takes Italian.

* I thought having a paper map would HELP me figure out where to go. Sadly, that was NOT the case. Apparently, I cannot read maps.

* Of course, the ONLY teacher I REALLY liked, turned out NOT to be any of my son’s teachers!

I think that covers most of the highlights. In all seriousness, I still feel terrible about tripping over a 40 year old ‘Little Person’ in the hallway. The image of her laying on helpless on the cold ground, with a confused and disorientated look on her face, is tattooed on my brain.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to go golfing with my girlfriends and ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy’ was going to meet up with us for dinner afterwards. However, sadly, due to the rainy weather my golf game was cancelled. But, I saw NO REASON to cancel having dinner with ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy’ – and neither did he.

We met for dinner and had the best burgers ever when it was brought to my attention that a photo of the two us has been circulating its way around via email to all of his friends. Now, normally, I wouldn’t really mind this kind of thing. I usually have no shame when it comes to posting pictures of myself. And, according to him I look great in the photo [even though I disagree]. But, according to his friends he looks like he is suffering from a case of ‘Bell’s Palsy’. [And, they happen to be right.] Seriously, this particular photo is NOT a very flattering picture of either of us.

The photo was taken on the very first night we met, and as I mentioned in my last post, since I was not expecting to meet anyone that night, I was not exactly dressed-up. In fact, I was practically wearing my pajamas.


What was my point?

Oh right, this photo has been circulating its way around via email to all of his friends. Now, not only do all of his FRIENDS know that I OWN a Smurf T-Shirt? They’ve all seen me wearing it! [Great.]

After laughing so hard my cheeks hurt, the date ended with the two of us in his car, talking for hours. And hours. And hours. By the end of the fourth date we both resolved to throw caution to the wind, along with the so-called rule-book. I know, I know, I should be smart and rational and All That Jazz, but there is some kind of crazy chemistry between the two of us and neither one of us wants to waste any time playing by the rules.

On Thursday, I went grocery shopping with my mother, and I spent the evening with my friends at KHCC. As ALWAYS I had an excellent time. Also, I was thrilled to see the premiere of This New Television Show, and the return of This Television Show.

Oh yeah, and just one more thing. On Thursday, MY MOTHER INVITED ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy -Who Turned Out To Be Totally Super Awesome, Otherwise Known As “Putty” From Seinfeld Only SMARTER’ / Or, Simply “Sonny” For Short’ TO JOIN MY FAMILY TO CELEBRATE THE JEWISH NEW YEAR [on Saturday] – AND HE HAPPILY ACCEPTED!

On Friday, I spent the whole day and night, helping my mother prepare for the ‘Jewish New Year’ known as ‘Rosh Hashanah’. It’s a ritual my mother and I have been doing for years and it’s something I actually look forward to. It’s exhausting, and physically taxing, but her and I have so much fun together it’s always WORTH it.

Thanks to our lovely neighbor, we managed to avoid one heck of a tragic ‘sink situation’ when something mysteriously clogged the garbage disposal. Apparently, you can NOT put an entire raw onion down the drain without facing serious repercussions.

Also on Friday, my father busted out into one of his hysterical laughing fits while doing the dishes with Poppa Sye. Feel free to watch the video by clicking here.

On Saturday, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah as only the Walter, Colonna, Hawthorne’s can do. And, I am happy to report that ‘Surprise Blind Date Guy -Who Turned Out To Be Totally Super Awesome, Otherwise Known As “Putty” From Seinfeld Only SMARTER’ / Or, Simply “Sonny” For Short’ completely held his own. Seriously, people. He fit RIGHT IN with the family. Just like my friend, Amy The Bartender, suspected he would.

Please feel free to view the photos of the days events by clicking here!

On Sunday, I played golf for the second time since I was nine years old. And it was fabulous. In fact, I forgot how much I enjoyed that sport. Not only did I enjoy playing the actual game, but, I truly enjoyed that kind of time with my friends and my mother.

Have you ever laughed so hard with your friends you couldn’t catch your breath? Because that’s what it was like when I played golf this Sunday, with these people.

And that’s a wrap!

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  • It sounds like you had a wonderful week! Now that all those worries are behind you you are finally getting a chance to enjoy your life like you should. I am so happy for you.

    Surprise date guy? He’s pretty cute and you make a great looking couple. I know exactly what you are saying when you say you feel like you’ve known him forever. I met my boyfriend on Match.com two years ago. The first night we spoke on the phone for seven hours. It would have been longer but I had to hang up and get ready for work! It’s been a fantastic two years and I’m sure we will have many more together. I wish the same for you!

  • Has anyone ever told you that following the Meleah saga is like watching one of those drama/comedies on MeleVision? Way funnier, more chaotic, sometimes sad, sometimes cary. Still, you just gotta tune in to catch up on the hi-jinx that ensue.

    Great post! Covered lots of ground. Going back to school (even if it is parent’s night) can be intimidating. You have to wonder how we survived. Glad to hear you and Sonny are hitting it off very well. Good luck!

  • okay so we won’t jinx it, but thumbs up.

    old people are in bed at 6:00 p.m. meleah. they eat at four. i think i’m an old person.

    you stay busy woman. i would not be able to keep up. i’m old.

  • Ned

    Fun, fun, fun! I’ve been trying to work on my ability to smile and laugh these days, and it sounds like you could teach me a few things about that.

    Enjoy the early days of intense romance with your new guy. After 16 years with the same person I sometimes miss that initial rush of attraction and connection.

    Good news.

  • Sounds pretty damn awesome lady. Keep me posted on Sonny. He sounds like a catch!

  • Meleah

    YES!! That is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear!
    Because neither of US think we are moving too fast, and as far as I’m concerned, The More Time we spend together, the better!

    I love that you want to tune in every week to find out WHATS happening in my crazy world over here! You rock.

    Woman! You are cracking me up!

    Its all about FINDING the funny even in the worst case scenario!
    And I know that YOU CAN DO IT too!!

    Cute Ella:
    He REALLY is!

  • cmk

    For someone whose entire life revolves around hockey and a very inappropriate crush on a certain hockey player, it is always great fun to read about someone who actually HAS a life!! 🙂 (I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will try not to jinx your relationship by talking too much about it!) Love you, girl. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • I’m so glad things are working out so well with…what’s his name? Oh yeah…Sonny For Short!

    And your dad? He’s a crack-up! I love that your mom laughed right along with him. Somehow, that seems funny when your dad does it. If my hubby tried that, he’d probably get smacked!

  • (Not really. I don’t really smack my hubby. But I think about it sometimes.)

  • I am happy for you- “comfortable around” is good and so are the smurfs. I need to learn how to golf though, loved the pictures of you and friends on the links on facebook.

    Happy New Year! XOXOXOXO

  • And that’s greatness. I cannot tell you how happy I am that “blind date guy… with the long ass title” is fitting so well into your life. Even though it is way early, it is a good thing. As for that picture, he must be so into you to circulate a bad photo of himself. I would have to approve all picture of me before they circulate. LOL

    Your son is very unique. I’m glad he keeps you involved in his education the way he does. You’re blessed.

  • SoLow

    Hey! Long time, no “see”. 🙂

    I’m happy for you, meeting a new guy & all. Sounds like this one might could work!!! (Fingers crossed for Meleah.) I love Back To School night – some of these kids have absolutely no idea how hot their moms are (probably just like yours).

    Bend your knees a bit on the golf course, sweetie. You look tense… LOL

  • Amy

    I’ve not read this much happy in one place in ages, thank you for spreading it around!

  • Glad to see you are having a good week, for a change; you deserve it. Hope this positive trend continues.

  • Wow , look at you! Glad its coming together with him! Could this be THE one?

    Your dad is a funny guy!

  • First time I’ve checked in on you in a while. Seems like I’ve missed out on quite a bit! Hope you and SBDG keep up the good times!

  • Meleah


    My parents crack me up. And I live for the moments when my father looses it!
    [I suspect my mother imagines smacking my dad at times too! Im pretty sure that’s normal!]

    Michelle G:
    I really do have such a good time with my friends. And golfing rocks. Even though I am not very good at it!

    It’s SOOOO NICE to see you again!
    I usually edit/regulate any photos circulating of me too, but he’s a brave man!
    And, I am lucky to have such an amazing son!

    Hey you!
    Oh please, I need a LOT of help with my golf game
    Especially bending at the knees!
    I cant believe you LIKE BTSN! I cant stand it!

    Glad to be of service!


    Me too!

    Yes. I think he IS The One!

    Things are FABULOUS between us!
    Thanks for dropping by.

  • dang your week sounded tons better than mine! lol

    Glad it’s all going great…

  • My five year old daughter told me that I could skip back to school night. And then she told me that I can’t punch her boyfriend in the nose. She is five, where does this come from.

    I can only imagine what 13 will be like.

  • This was not boring!!!

    Happy new year, as I celebrated it myself. Lots of fun and eating.

    I am thrilled you are hitting it off with this new guy, sending positive vibes your way.

    Oh and yes, I HAVE laughed so hard I thought I would kill myself from lack of air. I’m sure this would happen if I played golf because I suck at it.

  • Meleah

    Heather OSB:
    Thank you!

    13 is MUCH different. Hang onto the days you have with your five year old, because they will be gone before you know it!

    Thank you for saying this was NOT boring!
    And, I’d love to see YOU play golf! Then we could BOTH laugh till we couldn’t breathe! Happy New Year!

  • Damn, girl, you’re busy! Sounds like a blast, though! 🙂

  • Ok. I”m slow. what do you mean…caution to th wind? about what? sleeping together? declaring your love? eloping? what????? also, regarding getting lost in school….maybe they should’ve given you a GPS????

  • I hate to laugh about the ‘Chuy’ incident. 😀
    I would have been mortified too. I would have played the whole thing over and over in my head all night.

    You know what? You sound really happy. I am so glad you’ve met Sonny. I am just glad about everything in your life right now. It’s brilliant!

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